Global Parques


Business Model

aicep Global Parques operates according to the following model:

Business Model aicep Global Parques


aicep Global Parques is organised as follows:

Organisation aicep Global Parques

Corporate Bodies

General Meeting

Miguel de Campos Cruz, Chairman
Nuno José Gonçalves Mascarenhas, Secretary

Board of Directors

Luís Filipe de Castro Henriques, Chairman
Francisco Mendes Palma, Vice Chairman
Silvino Malho Rodrigues, Director
Pedro de Moraes Sarmento Patrício, Director

Executive Committee

Francisco Mendes Palma
CEO – Chief Executive Officer

Masters in Economics, College of Europe, director of the Bank of Cape Verde (Banco Internacional de Cabo Verde) and the Novo Banco Research Sectorial. He was also a professor at the Universidade Católica Portuguesa (Catholic University of Portugal) and worked as an advisor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Regulatory Agency of Energy Services, having also worked as a consultant in the areas of industrial economy, regulation and competition of energy and innovation, in public and private companies.

Silvino Malho Rodrigues
Executive Officer

BA in Architecture, he acted as Managing Director of the Municipal Energy Agency of Sintra and the Municipal Water and Sanitation Services of Sintra. He also acted as an Advisor to the Councillor of the Department of Municipal Works of the Municipal Council of Sintra and performed duties as Architect specialised in Bioclimatic and Sustainable Architecture in several companies.

Sole Auditor

BDO & Associados, SROC, Lda.
Represented by Pedro Aleixo Dias

Substitute to the Sole Auditor

Mário Jorge Silvestre Neto

Shareholding Structure

aicep Global Parques shareholding structure is as follows:

  • AICEP, EPE: 91.19%
  • IAPMEI: 5.37%
  • APS: 2.14%
  • CM Sines: 0.65%
  • CGD: 0.65%

Affiliated Companies

aicep Global Parques holds shares in the following companies:

  • Tecmaia
  • ADRAL - Agência de Desenvolvimento Regional do Alentejo (Regional Development Agency of Alentejo)
  • Recipneu

Transversal Services - Directors

Isabel Cardoso
Business Department

Isabel Tenreiro
Administrative and
Financial Department


Jorge Valério
Technical Department

Business Parks - Directors


Luís Dâmaso
BlueBiz and Albiz


Miguel Borralho
ZILS Director