We help you through the entire site selection process and installation procedures of your business at BlueBiz.

a. Presentation of the Architecture and Engineering Project, for aicep Global Parques validation.

Companies may consult the following entities for more details

b. PME Investimentos
c. AICEP Portugal Global

a. Submit the projects to the Setubal Municipality

• Electricity - The client will benefit from the BlueBiz supply contract for electricity on advantageous terms compared to the free market. (Low voltage tariff at medium voltage price).

• Drinking Water supply- Águas do Sado  - aicep Global Parques will assist the client during the process of contracting the supplier.

• Industrial water supply - Special conditions at competitive costs.

• Telecommunications – aicep Global Parques will support the Investor in the installation process.

• Treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater- Special conditions to access the WWTP. Competitive prices to treat the effluents.

Delivery of the final designs and technical compilations to aicep Global Parques

Incentives granted under the Portugal 2020 financial programme.

Useful links for information about incentives:

Portugal 2020 

Aicep Portugal Global


PME Investimentos 

Important contacts

Setubal Municipality



Águas do Sado 

CCDR Lisboa e Vale do Tejo

Setubal Fire Department

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