In the region of Lisbon, aicep Global Parques provides the Albiz, Albarraque Business Complex.

Focused on business and logistic activities, Albiz is aimed at installing, in competitive conditions, PMEs providing infrastructure and services to expand your business and improve operating conditions.

Established to provide 24-hour security services, Albiz is a business complex located in the industrial zone of Albarraque, in the municipality of Sintra, only 15 minutes away from Lisbon.


Albiz Global Parques is the ideal choice for your business because it is ready to receive, in attractive investment conditions, companies that seek to maximise their investments and increase the synergies of their businesses.

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The superior location of Albiz in terms of geography, accessibility, climate, infrastructure, installed industry and support provides an ideal environment.  The human environment here is rich in lifestyle opportunities.

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