Situated in the Vale da Rosa, in the Setúbal Peninsula, BlueBiz is a superior location for your business, both for the infrastructure provided and for its geographical characteristics, allied by its wealth in terms of heritage, environment and culture.

40 km from Lisbon, BlueBiz occupies an area of 56 hectares with complete infrastructure and extensive green areas with paved paths, with a marketable area of approx. 23 hectares, divided into 8.4 hectares of indoor areas and 14.5 hectares of outdoor areas.

Under the ownership and management of aicep Global Parques, BlueBiz is ready to receive, with attractive investment conditions, companies that seek to maximise their investments and increase the synergies of their businesses. Its main focus is on the installation of light industries, such as automotive, aeronautics, electro-mechanics, final assembly, distribution and logistics.


The BlueBiz business model means that the initial investment amount is substantially lower than that which would be needed to build the company's own premises, and it also means there are no premises to be managed and maintained, thus freeing up resources for the company to focus on its core business.

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Setúbal is the capital of the district of Setúbal. Situated 32 km away from Lisbon, to the northwest. The river Sado meets the atlantic here at the Setubal estuary, the Serra da Arrábida borders us at the west. The urban area is approximately 10 km².

The municipality of Setúbal has 170.57 km² of area and 122,554 inhabitants (2006), subdivided into 8 parishes. The municipality is bordered at the North and East by the municipality of Palmela, at the West by Sesimbra, and at the South the Sado estuary connects it to the municipalities of Alcácer do Sal and Grândola.

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Activity Sectores

The competitive advantages provided by our strategic location, infrastructure and skilled labour are relevant to all economic sectors. They are particularly relevant in the following sectors:

  • Industry                 bandeira frança.jpg     
  • Logistics                bandeira frança.jpg
  • Services                 bandeira frança.jpg
  • Aeronautical         bandeira frança.jpg