ZILS - Industrial and Logistic Zone of Sines occupies 2,375 hectares strategically located within international trade routes, aimed to industrial, logistic and service activities, with some of the largest national and foreign companies.

Near a deep-water port, it is a logistic and industrial platform with incomparable capabilities in the Iberian Peninsula and Europe. Under the management of aicep Global Parques, it offers a location with clear Atlantic ability.

ZILS comprises ZalSines, Logistic Activities Zone.

ZILS Business Centre complements the offer, providing offices, meeting rooms and conference rooms to established clients, clients with ongoing installation works and service providing companies.

ZILS combines an excellent geostrategic location with custom-made solutions and investment incentives, a favourable business environment and skilled and competitive human resources.

Qualified Human Resources, streamlined by the existence of technical schools - ETLA, and a training centre (IEFP), which offer tailored courses, taking into account the real needs of the companies.

ETLA, installed, in the Business Centre Building of ZILS, provides a wide training offer.

See here the training offer of ETLA.


The ZILS offer includes three types of plots of land of all sizes, according to your investment needs, divided in lots and legally authorised.

The business model, the situation and the established conditions ensure a long-term strategic location, by minimising the required funding and with greatly reduced procedural and installation periods.

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The superior location of ZILS in terms of geography, accessibility, climate, infrastructure, installed industry and support provides an ideal environment. The human environment here is rich in lifestyle opportunities.

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Step-by-step Guide

A detailed guide will help you throughout the selection and installation process of your business in the ZILS – Industrial and Logistic Zone of Sines. We can help you during the entire process with some specific aspects.

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Activity Sectors

The competitive advantages provided by our strategic location, infrastructure and skilled labour are relevant to all economic sectors. They are particularly relevant in the following sectors:

  • Energy             bandeira espanhola       bandeira frança.jpg  19_bandeira_da_china_02kdtwho2v.gif    
  • Industry           bandeira espanhola       bandeira frança.jpg  19_bandeira_da_china_02kdtwho2v.gif
  • Logistics           bandeira espanhola       bandeira frança.jpg  19_bandeira_da_china_02kdtwho2v.gif    
  • Agrobusiness  bandeira espanhola       bandeira frança.jpg  19_bandeira_da_china_02kdtwho2v.gif