Global Force

Global Force - an integrated management service

aicep Global Parques, a company specialised in business complex and location management, supports, by means of Global Force services, the installation of companies and the promotion and management of business and industrial plants.

A customised and integrated management service for business location.

Whom is Global Force aimed to?

Global Force services are aimed at:

  • Industrial and Logistic companies in location procurement process for the development of their activities in the national territory or under installation process;
  • Existing industrial plants and Logistic Zones or aimed to be implemented, requiring support for their operation and development in different areas.

What services are offered?

The offer of Global Force consultancy services is divided into modules:

Global Force
Módulo 1 - Procurement of business locations
  • Survey of requirements from the client;
  • Procurement of custom-built business spaces;
  • Short-list of solutions in compliance with the requirements;
  • Making of detailed reports;
  • Promotion of contacts with the management of business and industrial plants;
  • Escorting the client at the selected business complex.
Módulo 2 - Space planning and layout
  • Survey regarding the client's requirements for making a project layout of large business spaces;
  • Preparation of specifications and follow-up of tender procedures;
  • Preparation of detailed reports; Project layout management;
  • Promotion of contacts with public authorities for the licence of the project layout.
Módulo 3 - Business installation support
  • Location benchmarking;
  • Support to the location agreement;
  • Engineering projects and their licence;
  • Making of specifications and supervision of project tender procedures and works.
  • Client's project management;
Módulo 4 - Business complex management and promotion support
  • Benchmarking;
  • Definition and consolidation of the business and pricing model;
  • Definition of the Complex positioning, its image, signs and communication elements;
  • Definition and implementation of promotion actions and support;
  • Definition of the operation model;
  • Complex Operations Management – Procurement Management;
  • Offer and Supporting Activities Management;
  • Definition of contract templates to be signed with clients;
  • Integration of the “complex” product on aicep Global Parques website.


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