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About Global Parques

aicep Global Parques is a company, a subsidiary of aicep Portugal Global, that specialises in the management of industrial plants and business location solutions. 

Our company is focused on delivering positive conditions to help our clients raise funds and subsequently manage the installation of national and overseas investment projects.


aicep Global Parques is an organisation whose history is a compilation of many corporate experiences, some with already decades of development. Today, we value and demonstrate a superior set of expertise and knowledge which is directed to attracting investment and creating wealth for the Country in a professional environment dedicated to success.



Creation of the Cabinet for the Development Plan in Sines Region – GAS, whose most relevant objectives were to launch an industrial development area, as a way to foster industrial expansion and, thus, the national economic progress, ensuring better territorial planning..


Construction of the first infrastructure of the Sines Region.



To date, hundreds of ventures were launched, with special emphasis in areas such as port facilities, transport and communication, housing and basic sanitation.


GAS is dissolved.  All the assets related to existing heavy industrial projects in Sines came under the control of the Institute for the Support of Small and Medium Companies and the Investment (Instituto de Apoio às Pequenas e Médias Empresas e ao Investimento - IAPMEI).



PGS – Sociedade de Promoção e Gestão de Áreas Industriais e Serviços, S.A. is established to manage and streamline the Sines projects. This Company was subject to the shareholding interest of IAPMEI, of the then State-Owned Interest Institute (Instituto de Participações do Estado - IPE) – subsequently named Corporate Investments and Interest of the Port Administration of Sines (APS), the Municipal Council of Sines (CMS) and Banco Nacional Ultramarino (BNU), now part of the Caixa Geral de Depósitos (CGD).


Establishment of Sodia2, S.A., the company Renault withdraws its capital from the parent company and no longer manages the automobile manufacturing plant in Setúbal.



Establishment of APIPARQUES - Gestão de Parques Empresariais, S.A., for the  management of industrial plants. This includes the acquisition, infrastructure, promotion, the sale or lease of spaces aimed at the physical facilitation of companies and non-corporate entities, namely those that make investments related to the Agência Portuguesa para o Investimento, E.P.E..


Merger of APIParques, Sodia2 with PGS – Sociedade de Promoção e Gestão de Áreas Industriais e Serviços, S.A..


Merger of Agência Portuguesa para o Investimento, EPE – with ICEP, a process that resulted in an expanded new incorporated entity – aicep Portugal Global, EPE.


New strategic guidelines. Investment in the suitability of the product offered, with a special focus on the Industrial and Logistic Zone of Sines and for a comprehensive schematic of the organisational structure; along with the creation of a Marketing Department and training of human resources.

2008 - 2009

The progress of projects scheduled for ZILS and BlueBiz is confirmed.

2008 - 2009

The success of an activity diversification policy is attested by the introduction of new products: Global Find and Global Force.



There are three business location solutions of excellence in the country: Zils Global Parques - Industrial and Logistic Zone of Sines, in Sines, BlueBiz Global Parques – a Business Complex in the Setúbal Peninsula, in Setúbal and Albiz Global Parques – the Business Complex of Albarraque, in the district of Sintra.


Our values are based on

  • Modern, efficient and customer-oriented;
  • A commitment to keep all staff trained to the most current level;
  • Institutional cooperation with public and private partners;
  • Financial sustainability;
  • Social responsibility;
  • Publicly renowned and respected in its field of expertise.


Our mission is to offer global business location solutions, especially to respond to the actions of our main shareholder – aicep Portugal Global.

We are also dedicated to the provision of procurement services for the establishment of business activities in the national territory and support the installation of companies through our service Portugal Site Selection.


aicep Global Parques seeks to be recognised as a touchstone national company/partner in the area of business support for location strategies and actions.

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