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Please, refer to our 2016 Financial Annual Report.

Report and Accounts

Consult Aicep Global Parques Financial Annual Reports:

Activities and Budget Plan

Activities and Budget Plan

Policy Manual

Concept and Logo for the brand and group of brands

The application of aicep Global Parques logo in all company products, whether Plants, Products or Services shall always aim to:

  • reinforce a transversal image for the company;
  • create more visibility and recognition;
  • quick identification and association of the products with the aicep brand;
  • easier internationalisation of the products.

Refer to the following documents:

  • Brand presentation »
  • Manual of the graphic rules of the trademark and logo of aicep Global Parques »

For more information about the use of the visual identity of aicep Global Parques, contact the Marketing Department at

Permanent Certificate

Type in number 3818-1400-3285 and check the Permanent Certificate of aicep Global Parques.