Environmentally Commited

In the scope of its activity, aicep Global Parques takes on the need to ensure a sustainable development. We advocate for long-term sustainable solutions that contribute to economic development while respecting the safety and protection of the communities where the business parks under our management are located.

Environmental Monitoring Plan

The Environmental Monitoring Plan of the Sines Industrial and Logistics Zone (PMA ZILS) consists of a continuous monitoring system for controlling air, groundwater and surface water quality.

Find out:

-> ZILS Annual Environmental Monitoring Report 2022 (pdf)

-> Summary of the Final Report 2022 (pdf)

Forest Management Plan

ZILS has implemented a Forest Management Plan, approved by the ICNF – Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forests, for the responsible and sustainable management of the park's forest areas, a fundamental instrument for the safety and landscape and environmental framework of ZILS. Under this Plan, cleaning and cutting operations are carried out to prevent the risk of forest fire, additionally promoting complementary businesses resulting from the sale of forest products - wood, cork, resin and pinecone.

Energia Sul

ZILS is the focal point of the national strategy for green hydrogen and hosts energy companies with the greatest impact on national economy. Along with the Port of Sines, it also establishes itself as the national energy hub, being the main point of entry and processing of Oil & Gas. Under the Energia Sul brand, we emphasize this vertical of our business, bringing together strategic players of the energy sector, particularly highlighting producers, and distributors of new green energy solutions.

Renewable Energy Community - REC

A Renewable Energy Community (REC) is being established in Sines, aiming to promote the development of a collective self-consumption system for the production, consumption, and sharing of renewable energy among the companies installed in ZILS. aicep Global Parques is preparing the integration of ESG (Environmental Social and Governance) objectives within business practices with our clients, incorporating the best practices of Corporate Social Responsibility in the four components: Economic responsibility towards investors and consumers; Legal responsibility towards the Government; Ethical responsibility towards society; and Discretionary responsibility towards the Community.

WE Are

Socially Engaged

We actively collaborate with the communities where our parks are located. We are committed to a variety of initiatives to ensure sustainable development, encompassing environmental, economic, and social aspects in the regions surrounding our parks.

Safety & Security

aicep Global Parques supports the communities where the parks under its management are located, especially in case of emergencies and disasters events. Together with our partners and companies located in our business parks, aicep Global Parques collaborates in supporting health and social solidarity institutions.

Human Capital, Entrepreneurship and Culture

The availability and qualification of a region's human capitalis crucial for fostering entrepreneurship. aicep Global Parques partners with educational and training entities within the vicinity of the parks under our management. These partnerships are focused on training and qualifying the workforce and collaborating in various initiatives to strengthen the local economy and culture:

Awarding of Merit Scholarships
Study visits

Support for organizing events

Ideas and creativity contests

Environmental education initiatives

We Minimize

Ecological Footprint

By implementing initiatives in energy efficiency and renewable energies, monitoring air and water quality, preserving ecological reserves, and promoting the use of clean technologies that respect the environment.

Waste Management

In our parks, we promote waste management and recycling

Energy Autonomy

Energy production through the installation of photovoltaic panels that ensure energy efficiency; through the production of energy from renewable sources

Energy Efficiency

We follow an energy rationalization policy, using electric vehicles in our parks and efficient equipment that contributes for the reduction of CO2 emissions

Wastewater Treatment

Our parks are equipped with WWTP for selective wastewater treatment

Environmental Awareness

We participate in beach cleaning initiatives, collaborating with local entities

Ecological Resource Management

We actively promote reforestation and have an ongoing Environmental Monitoring Plan with 4 air quality control stations, and 56 piezometers monitoring surface and groundwater