ZILS – Sines Industrial and Logistics Zone


The largest Industrial and Logistics area in Portugal

ZILS - Sines Industrial and Logistics Zone, strategically geographically positioned and intended for industrial, logistics, and service activities, hosts some of the largest national and international companies. It is located next to the Port of Sines, the only national deep-water maritime port without maneuvering restrictions, capable of accommodating the world's largest container ships.

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Dedicated Business Center

The Business Center at ZILS enhances the park's space offer by providing office facilities for short-to-long term occupation, as well as virtual offices, meeting and conference rooms with a total area of 7,000m². All offices are fully furnished and include 24-hour reception and surveillance services, along with access to meeting and conference rooms.


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Discover the Competitive Advantages of ZILS

aicep Global Parks's technical team provides comprehensive support to investors throughout all stages of site selection and business establishment, ensuring a seamless and efficient setup process in ZILS.

Strategic Location

The Sines Port, Industrial and Logistic Complex features the largest deep-water port on the Atlantic coast of the Iberian Peninsula, along with a fully integrated Industrial and Logistics Zone interconnected by an extensive network of pipelines.

Exceptional Connectivity

Served by state-of-the-art communication infrastructures facilitating easy access to European and global markets. It features maritime connections worldwide and outstanding road and rail infrastructures (a node of the Trans-European Transport Network's Atlantic Corridor), ensuring seamless connectivity to Europe.

Conveniently located near Lisbon, Beja, and Faro airports.

Tailored Solutions

ZILS offers 3.275 hectares of land for industrial and logistical use, featuring plots of various sizes. It includes a Business Center with offices, meeting, and conference rooms, available for both short and long-term lease. The site is equipped with the proper infrastructures to accommodate any type of industry, providing essential services such as potable and industrial water, electric power, natural gas, voice and data communications, a wastewater treatment plant, pipelines with direct connections to the port and the national distribution center in Aveiras, and a gas pipeline linked to MIBGAS in Setúbal.

Favorable Business Environment

ZILS offers a socio-economic organization with a business profile that enhances cooperation between public and private entities and promotes synergies among the installed companies.

Qualified Human Resources

Technical schools installed within and on the boundaries of the park, provide a pool of qualified human resources aligned with the region's business reality. Customized training courses can be provided to meet the specific needs of businesses.

Environmental Monitoring Plan

The Environmental Monitoring Plan of the Sines Industrial and Logistics Zone (PMA ZILS) ensures continuous control over air and both ground and surface water quality.

Quality of Life

Sines is located on the southwest coast of Portugal, adjacent to Europe's longest stretch of white sandy beach (65 km). Enjoy a safe country with a friendly social environment, a Mediterranean climate with 3,000 hours of sunshine per year, and excellent health and education infrastructures.



ZILS – Sines Industrial and Logistics Zone is strategically located adjacent to the Port of Sines, Portugal's only deep-water maritime port without maneuvering restrictions, capable of accommodating the world's largest container ships. ZILS Business Center complements the commercial offer of the Sines Industrial and Logistics Zone, providing a range of office spaces, meeting rooms, and conference facilities for both long and short-term rentals.

Industrial Lands

The establishment of land surface rights in ZILS – Sines Industrial and Logistics Zone offers an effective alternative to the appreciation of lands designated for sale or industrial lease. Investors will be able to focus capital in building their facilities and pay for land use over the contract's lifespan, optimizing the effort rate of their project. Surface rights are mortgageable assets for financing purposes. Tax-wise, rent values are recognized as a cost, which is advantageous as land is not depreciable. aicep Global Parques has a specialized team to support investors through all installation phases, reducing expenses and optimizing resources.

Business Center

ZILS Business Center in Sines is dedicated to the lease of offices for both short and long-term periods, complemented with access to meeting and conference rooms. The model accommodates business growth by providing space that suits new challenges or temporary projects. The offering also includes the option of a virtual office, ideal for freelancers or national and foreign companies in the initial stages of setting up and/or approach to the Portuguese market.



aicep Global Parques team of consultants is able to provide technical advice during company’s set up.



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Consulting & Project Management

Our consulting services cover engineering projects and corresponding licensing, as well as the preparation of call for tenders and monitoring of projects and works.

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How to Establish Your Business in ZILS

We provide comprehensive assistance throughout the site selection and business installation process in ZILS.

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