We manage Business and Industrial Parks in Portugal, focusing on sustainability and social and environmental responsibility. Our high-quality spaces available for hosting companies enhance business growth and have a positive impact on the economic development of the regions and communities where our parks are located.


Offices Spaces

aicep Global Parques Business Centers, located within the business parks, offer excellent conditions for a swift set up of small and medium companies. We promote synergies between companies operating in the park, thus contributing to enhance business performance while controlling costs.



aicep Global Parques team of consultants is able to provide technical advice during company’s set up.



Access Portugal Site Selection, a web platform for the procurement of business locations in Portugal that meet the requirements of your business.


Consulting & Project Management

Our consulting services cover engineering projects and corresponding licensing, as well as the preparation of call for tenders and monitoring of projects and works.



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Portugal Site Selection, is a web platform developed to identify the most suitable locations in Portugal that meet the requirements of each business. Get to know the unique advantages of each region, compare locations, and access comprehensive reports with relevant information for business activity.
Sines Tech na ZILS - Parques Empresariais e Industriais - Business Parks Management
We have established a dedicated area within ZILS - Sines Industrial and Logistics Zone for Cable Mooring Stations and Data Centers. The Ellalink submarine cable, with its mooring station located at ZILS, provides secure and high-capacity connectivity, linking key terrestrial and submarine hubs across Europe and Latin America.
Energia Sul na ZILS - Zona Industrial e Logística de Sines - Parques Empresariais e Industriais - Business Parks Management
ZILS - Sines Industrial and Logistics Zone stands at the forefront of the national green hydrogen strategy, serving as the epicenter for companies in the energy sector that wield significant impact on the national economy. Along with the Port of Sines, it also serves as the primary national energy hub, and the key entry and processing point for Oil & Gas.

We Value

Our Mission

To provide infrastructured sites and office spaces for the settlement of companies, aiming to attract and retain national and foreign investment.


aicep Global Parques takes on the responsibility, to promote sustainable development in the regions hosting the parks under its management.

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"Vitas Portugal started its activity on BlueBiz in 2010 with about 10 thousand square meters and currently we have 20 thousand square meters. Since 1994 we have been experiencing a very important growth in our presence in Portugal and as a result of these needs that have arisen, we have been finding in aicep Global Parques a partner to respond to the challenges we have encountered. We visited a number of places in Portugal and ended up opting for BlueBiz for the ease of accessibility - the ease of arriving with raw materials to the Port of Setúbal and the distribution of our products."  Rui Rosa, Managing Director of Vitas Portugal. "

Director of Vita

Engº Rui Rosa

"The industry's road map is increasingly focused on the energy transition, in order to simultaneously achieve a more advanced and more sustainable world, whose route undeniably passes through decarbonization and circularity. The implementation and expansion of the Repsol Polymers Industrial Complex in the ZILS industrial park in Sines has allowed Repsol to develop its activity in the chemical industry in Portugal, in full alignment with its strategy for the future, creating fundamental opportunities for the growth of our business. The collaboration with aicep Global Parques has been, and continues to be, fundamental to continue Repsol's objectives in a promising, albeit challenging, future. "

Managing Director of Repsol Polymers

Engº Salvador Ruiz

EllaLink has been part of the Sines technology community since its inception, in close partnership with aicep Global Parques and the Municipality of Sines.Na our vision, Sines has a huge potential to be the next great Interconnection Hub worldwide, and we are very proud to be part of an important ecosystem. EllaLink's submarine cable has Sines as a vital point, which makes the city an essential element of the infrastructure connecting to and from Europe. By providing optical transmission capability, the EllaLink system is already a pillar in the circulation of critical data for the economic and social development of our society. EllaLink continues to foster the development of an ecosystem within Sines Tech through the increasingly well-founded vision that other submarine cables will connect to Sines, transforming ZILS into an open access point, with stable connectivity, in a harmonious diversity of systems.


Philippe Dumont

"The location of Galp's only refinery in Sines is strategic to ensure the security of fuel supply to the Portuguese market and the exceptional conditions offered by the ZILS Industrial Park, its strategic location, and the continuous and tireless support of the AICEP Global Parques team contribute to the Sines Refinery's operations being carried out from year to year with ever-increasing levels of excellence. The solid partnership built over several years between Galp and AICEP Global Parques has also allowed us to execute the decarbonisation plans of this strategic asset for the country in an agile and effective manner. We are sure that this joint work will continue to thrive, driving joint growth and sustainable development. It is with great pleasure that Galp will continue to build an even more promising future with AICEP Global Parques by its side."

Director of Sines Refinery

Cristina Cachola