aicep Global Parques, EllaLink and Start Campus cooperate making Sines the new Atlantic Hub

aicep Global Parques, EllaLink and Start Campus, the company responsible for the SINES hyperscale sustainable data centre,  are working together to create the ‘Atlantic Hub’, enhancing connectivity between Europe, North and South America and Africa.

The partnership, which includes collaboration from the Portuguese Government in coordinating various public entities at national and local levels, aims to establish Sines, Portugal as a safe, neutral, resilient, and easy place to land submarine cables. This includes:

  • A transparent and comprehensive solution to streamline the licensing and construction authorization process, establishing a risk controlled environment with unique regulatory conditions for landing submarine cables in a strategic location for intercontinental connectivity;
  • The creation of a “Cable Protection zone” in front of Sines for pre-licensing of submarine cable routes, ensuring enhanced and controlled cable protection;
  • The construction, in Sines, of several multi-tenant, robust and diverse fronthaul infrastructures for submarine cables, connecting the SINES data centre, EllaLink Cable Landing Station (CLS) and other cable landing points, and Sines Tech.

Sines thus positions itself as a secure, transparent, and neutral submarine hub, capable of attracting more international cables due to a unique, simplified location, with low risk and high security, connected to large-scale interconnection hubs and data centres, with 100% sustainable energy solutions.


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