New features on Portugal Site Selection

Secretary of State for Internationalization launches available ” assets directory” to host investments in Portugal.

” Assets directory ” and “Dashboard” are new features available by PORTUGAL SITE SELECTION contributing to the qualification of the whole national in attracting investment – said Eurico Brilhante Dias, Secretary of State for Internationalization, yesterday during the launch of these tools.

The PORTUGAL SITE SELECTION platform (www.portugalsiteselection.pt) is a free public service developed on a Geographic Information System (GIS), which provides data on Business Location Areas (ALE) and allows investors to find, the best location in Portugal to install their business, using multicriteria analysis. In 2020 it got 6,120 queries from 71 countries.

The goal of PORTUGAL SITE SELECTION is to promote Portugal as an investment destination, providing organized and qualified information about the national offer of business parks, allowing each potential investor an efficient and competitive choice in the national territory.

This new feature, ” assets directory “, adds to the platform, which was only intended for ALE, geo-referenced information on land parcels, with or without buildings, for industrial and logistics use, throughout the country. There are vacant lots and assets with no activity at national level, that may constitute business opportunities. The aim is to generate a broader offer for the attraction of new national and international productive investments, wealth producers and job creators in Portugal.

Portugal Site Selection is now providing information on:

– Plots for industry and logistics in business parks;

– Office spaces for services;

– Greenfield and brownfield for investment.

Also, a dashboard of PORTUGAL SITE SELECTION indicators is now operative, showing the available information duly organized in term of territory, thus allowing an ample knowledge, and coordinated management of the national “ALE” offer. This Dashboard is intended as a tool for the land planners, namely, the CCDR – Coordination and Regional Development Commissions; the ANMP – National Association of Portuguese Municipalities; the CIM – Inter-Municipal Communities; and the Municipal Councils.

The PORTUGAL SITE SELECTION platform was developed and is managed by aicep Global Parques – Gestão de Áreas Empresariais e Serviços, S. A., a company that manages State industrial parks and is held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: www.globalparques.pt.

Visit Portugal Site Selection: https://globalparques.pt/portugal-site-selection

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