Repsol to invest €725MM in circular economy and energy transition in Sines, Southwest Portugal

Repsol will invest more than €725MM in expanding its industrial chemical facilities at the Industrial and Logistics Zone of Sines (ZILS), a business park managed by aicep Global Parques – Gestão de Áreas Empresariais e Serviços: https://globalparques.pt/en/zils-en/

The investment breakdowns into €657MM for two new polymer factories; €22MM in tankage and pipelines for base products; €18MM in electrical grid interconnection and more than €30MM in PV solar parks.

The two new factories are expected to start operating in Q3 2025, resulting in a direct net gain of €800MM in the Portuguese trade balance of goods, and further inducing output throughout the plastic transformation industry chain, by providing polyethylene and polypropylene, in volume and proximity, to the main exporting clusters of Portugal, ranging from the auto and medical devices industries to FMCG and F&B.

Filipe Costa, CEO of aicep Global Parques, considers “this investment will add more than a billion euros a year to Portugal’s trade balance, between import substitutions, new exports and a boost to Portuguese manufacturing”.

For Nuno Mascarenhas, Mayor of Sines, “This investment by Repsol not only brings in more production and employment to Sines, but will also help attract additional chemical industry companies, thus creating more jobs.

The Sines Port, Logistics and Industrial Complex is Portugal’s leading energy and chemical hub, vital for the national supply of fuel, natural gas, industrial gases, and base products for the national manufacturing industry. In the energy sector, noteworthy developments are underway in the production of green hydrogen and ammonia to decarbonise the refining & chemical complex of the Industrial and Logistics Zone of Sines (ZILS), as well as in the production of biofuels and other alternative fuels.

Sines is also Portugal’s intercontinental logistics platform for goods, with the Port of Sines allowing for the direct import and export of containerized and bulk cargo to and from countries outside Europe. To this transit of goods, ZILS is adding the transit of data, hosting Cable Landing Stations for subsea telecom cables and Data Centers at Sines Tech – Innovation & Data Center Hub: https://globalparques.pt/en/zils-en/zils-sinestech-en

Sines’ Industrial and Logistics Zone leads the energy and digital transitions in Portugal.

ZILS - Sines Industrial and Logitic Zone - aereal image from Zone 2

Repsol’s Petrochemical Complex in Sines’ Industrial and Logistics Zone (ZILS)

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